2014 – digital transformation continued its relentless march

I’m now publishing tech analysis to my work blog for Orange Silicon Valley. My first post is “Looking back at the inescapable march of transformation in 2014” with a brief excerpt below:

In the past year, we saw some significant technology groundswells grow into formidable sea changes, revealing major shifts in market dynamics and human behavior. Each one has shown an exceptional ability to disrupt large and often-unsuspecting incumbents; each has created or reinforced platforms for further disruption; and all of them are interdependent and combinatorial. 2014 pulled back yet more veils – any rest we thought we were due after weathering the digital disruptions of computing, the Internet, and social networks is, alas, not to be found any time soon. We now face new challenges – and great opportunities – in an undeniably-mobile world with on-demand digital logistics and an irrevocable shift of power to the edges.

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