A Short Note From Limbo

My posting here has been intermittent and in a bit of flux lately. I’m debating about whether I should use this blog to focus on a specific domain (eg GeoPol/insurgency/shadownets, 3D/AR/convergence, etc…) or continue to use it as a general outlet for my admittedly broad interests. Most of this is driven by the fact that I’m still technically unemployed and that specialization (for now) seems to be more valuable than being able to look across domains and tie them together. This will likely change but I feel like I’m perfect for the job nobody realizes they need yet. In 5-10 years there will probably be a huge awakening to the role of systems-types in the broader strategic landscape but not so much right now. Most smaller companies are cash-strapped to hire anyone new and most big co’s are chained to the short-term quarterly revenue announcements with little room to effectively innovate & strategize.

So for now things will remain sporadic here until I figure this out and/or get a real job.

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