I’ve Posted Three New Remixes

Two tracks are from ThirtySeven’s [Justin Boland] catalog – one from his Humpasaur Jones album and one from Algorhythms. The third track is a remix of Peter Gabriel’s epic “Games WIthout Frontiers”. Big thanks to both Real World Remixed and World Around Records!

Here’s the Algorhythm remix embedded:

<a href="http://n8ur.bandcamp.com/track/blowing-numbers-fractal-trees-mix" onclick="_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'outbound-article', 'http://n8ur.bandcamp.com/track/blowing-numbers-fractal-trees-mix', 'Blowing Numbers &#8211; Fractal Trees Mix by Chris23']);" >Blowing Numbers &#8211; Fractal Trees Mix by Chris23</a>

ThirtySeven Remixes
Peter Gabriel Remix

Enjoy and please share if you like ‘em!

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