Come Help Define the Future of Augmented Reality

We’re running around getting all the ducks in line for our AR Dev Camp this Saturday, December 5th at the Hacker Dojo. I’ve been amazed at the number and caliber of folks signed up to attend & contribute to both the Mountain View event and the simultaneous New York City AR Dev Camp. I think we all understand the scale of opportunities and challenges in forging this new domain. This will be an opportunity to come together and flesh out the many considerations needed to build a broad, robust, and open architecture for augmented reality. We have the hindsight of the internet revolution to offer examples of pitfalls and best practices alike. Indeed, we’re not building a new internet nor terraforming new worlds. Augmented reality is simply the next logical interaction layer to the increasingly ubiquitous cloud of data & relationships permeating our lives, so it’s critical that we architect services & experiences that smoothly integrate across existing protocols.

Open interoperability across platforms, universal standards for markups & messaging, geospatial data representation, 2D & 3D rendering, identity & transaction management, strong security & encryption, structured data and portability, content & markup ownership, and solutions driven by design & user experience. All these considerations & more require tremendous coordination to converge on a set of platform specifications that enable a strong and extensible ecology of developers, users, and content creators. In the rush to plant flags and colonize the new AR domain, it’s critical that we balance competition and collaboration to avoid the walled-garden balkanization and impossible hypemachine expectations that sent virtual reality to an early grave.

So go to the signup page, add a topic on the Session Topics page, and come join us this weekend for heady, juicy, AR goodness! If you’re not in the SF Bay Area or NYC, check out the other AR Dev Camps listed or get some co-conspirators and plan your own.

And now a word from our excellent & generous sponsors:
lightning labs
web3d consortium
Google Geohackathon

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