Signtific Lab Projects: Health Care 2020 & ACS Abundant Energy

Signtific Lab is an open-source platform for scientists and communities to identify current signals in the socio-technological landscape, and to draw these signals into compelling forecasts of future possibilities. Two cool crowdsourcing projects are currently running on the Signtific Lab platform.

The first is Health Care 2020 and asks players (you!) to offer input on 4 possible scenarios for the future of health care and what it could look like in the year 2020.

The second project is in conjunction with the American Chemical Society and asks players to consider a future of abundant energy. From the site:

Welcome to 2026. Our world is burning brightly. The “new energy” is abundant, portable, and cheap. Energy distribution is different, too.
In fact, the whole world has changed:
1. New materials have emerged to drive this dramatic transformation.
2. Green chemistry has reshaped entire industries.
3. World markets fluctuate as new technologies shift the value of materials.
4. The availability of massive and portable energy presents new opportunities for communities, corporations, and countries.
5. It also redefines the meaning of mobility and security.
So what do you think happens next? What’s the fate of our nation’s network of wires? How does this new energy change the future of space exploration? What possible human health risks arise as we expand our use of these options? Do you see signals of a surprising new future in this scenario of abundant energy?

Please participate and add your voice and vision to the superstructing of our tomorrow’s!

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