Blipvert Twitter Bursts on Democracy, Tehran, and the Technological Leveling

I’ve been tweeting a lot more than writing lately. Here are my recent tweets on the Tehran situation, in order of posting:

– Iran SMS networks “mysteriously” fail right before elections (via @boingboing)
– “You cannot stop people any longer. You cannot control people any longer.” (Iran & Twitter) (via @mpesce)
– Tech-enabled urbanites push for change as country folk vote for stasis, even reversion. collaborative networks win over tine
– Coordination of Tehran tech-savvy w/ international openinfo/progressive nodes shows leveling of global playing field, decline of statehood.
– Tehran: Ayatollah backs Ahmadi, police take Tehran University to shut down dissident comm nets. Power fears Change. Old fears New.
– University of Tehran held literary session on Saturday reviewing works by Woody Allen. [Comedy, genius trumps religion.]
– @HiggsBoson23 Totally. The US must have people on the ground in Tehran working to open the comm channels.
– RT @robinsloan: #iranelection Giant photos. You are going to lose your mind: [Tehran approaches civil war]
– Incredible to see instantaneous networking around control systems. No oppressor can hide their actions. Tehran: the future of Democracy.
– The events in Tehran are reinforcing the global identity of humanity in a way that directly challenges all oppressive regimes.
– What fascinates me most about Tehran is the empowerment of the tech-enabled to route around the State and reach across the globe.
– To me, the new democracy: granular representation; modernists using tech to challenge traditionalists; collectives taking power from states.
– No surprise that US elements might be encouraging/engineering the scene in Tehran. Via @NickHate: WSWS on NYT & Iran:
– Note: all Iranian candidates are pre-approved by the Ayatollah & Guardian Council. Resolution in favor of Moussavi will not bring freedom.
– Value lies in watching how empowerment of progressive voices impacts the stategies of rulership employed by the Iranian theocracy.
– Is Iranian dismissal of western media the prelude to a brutal smackdown on protests? Def not a sign of sudden openness…
– RT @m1k3y @DavidForbes: The State Department asked Twitter not to shut down yesterday. #iranelection #awesomeabout
– RT @TEDchris: Here’s Clay Shirky on the incredible role Twitter has played in #iranelection. “This is the big one”
– “Mousavi is no liberal reformer. But the principle of freedom of speech and fair elections and the desire for reform trump that.” @cshirky
– What you should know about the Iranian Cyberwar: (via @GreatDismal) [History in the making.]

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