Twitter Digest – 2.21.2009

These are a handful of Tweets I’ve made recently that bear repeating here:

  • Twitter “continues the trend of making ordinary citizens active producers of potentially actionable intelligence”:
  • Hmm… Apple–>Canvas–>Mozilla–>iPhone. No Flash. My conspiratorial wonderings remain.
  • @chris23 is starting to think that web2.0 biz name disemvowelation was necessary to get around GoDaddy parking on so much virtual real estate.
  • Prosecution baffled by Pirate Bay org structure, can’t grok non-hierarchy: [who to blame in flat orgs?]
  • Life is very large and diverse. We r programmed to pay special attn to the Bad while the Good slips by like a warm breeze.
  • Imperialism is a game played by successful tribes. World still being trampled by alpha males. Meanwhile, the crowd unites & sees itself.
  • Classic cycle: corrupt ruler grabs export revenues, pads gov w/ cronies, builds up mil, ends domestic invstment, plunges country into chaos.
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