Twitter as Mood Ring

Yep, Twitter ought to monetize its analytics and license an enterprise dashboard to interrogate the zeitgeist. Mark D. Drapeau from Mashable opines on the great question of our times: What is twitter’s Vision? Here are some excerpts I feel are especially important & insightful…

Viral marketing guru Scott Stratten recently commented that Twitter is “the conversation that’s happening, right now,” and I cannot think of a more simple way to describe it to a newbie. But what many people perhaps don’t realize is that quantitative analyses of these conversations are themselves valuable.

…Twitter itself is closest to the data surrounding human engagements and therefore best-suited to analyze it

…Paradoxically, the best vision for Twitter may be to change very little – let the users define what Twitter is and how it should be used, and choose a business model that stays out of their way. That business model could very well be tracking the sentiment of large groups of people to help businesses make smart and profitable decisions.

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