News Dump: Noteworthy Confluence of Eventitudes

Definitely a lot of interesting, if not especially cheerful, news happening this week.

4G Warfare heats up as Somali pirates seize 9th vessel in 10 days. Insurgents understand high-value targets. See also this Reauters article on Somali criminal networks. Economics replaces ideology.

Experts believe Iran has enough nuclear material for one atomic bomb. Will this draw us into war to defend Israel? Expect a lot of saber rattling from Washington in the 11th hour. Yet another big test of the incoming Obama presidency.

Former Nixon aid and architect of the GOP propaganda arm, Fox News, Roger Ailes signs on for 5 more years. Will he continue his mission to help build conservative business rule in America? Will he lead an attack on Obama?

Scientists now believe there may be vast frozen water reserves on Mars. Get ready for the prison colonies (weak Total Recall reference.)

With the Dow skidding down towards 6000, Al Gore warns of global civilization collapse. Is he right or just being alarmist? Is the global network strong enough to right itself amidst this sudden shakeout? Systemic change happens a lot more quickly than human cognition is able to keep up with. Expect continued struggle to rebuild the Old Ways amidst sudden innovation and concerted work towards The New.

Meanwhile, Wall Street financiers continue to loot the U.S. Treasury before Obama gets in office. Say goodbye to that money cause it’s going offshore into tax havens.

[Note: I haven’t been blogging much and this is just a lazy way of passing on some content. I’m just back from the IFTF Blended Reality Exchange and will have some more inspiring words in the next week or so.]

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