Head Down, Trying to Find Better Work

I haven’t been posting much lately while I’m otherwise focused on shifting my career out of quality engineering management. My head has been mostly consumed with trend analysis and research that’s appropriate to my current employer, Adobe Systems, as well as to the broader technology commons. Or perhaps more accurately, I’m trying to find a path within Adobe that resonates with my own deep interest in the prevailing and emergent technologies that are quickly wiring us all together. Or I may have to find that path elsewhere.

There’s so much incredible innovation and change happening at the dawn of the new Digital Age. I’m already surfing it constantly, finding the eddies and feeling out the edges.

Unfortunately, my current job doesn’t really care about any of this and is essentially a glorified maintenance role.

Meh. Feh. Onward to better things…


  1. Paul

    Chris, from an old Atmospherian, all the best in finding a mission worthy of your talents.

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