Ambient Devices & Enchanted Objects (David Rose) – ETech08

Rough notes on ambient devices – objects that express data streams, ala Ambient Orb. Ubiquitous computing, PC-free internet.

Expressors: motion, color, angle, pattern, text.
Devices should be pre-attentive, calm, and glanceable. “Bit-trickling datatcasting”.
Energy Joule device: plugs in to outlet, exposing customers to energy use/price – real-time price of energy & own usage in the house.

“Enchanted Objects”: support continuous, thin, awareness-communication.
Amulets, pentacles, potions – objects of healing.
Pervasive is persuasive – objects that grab attention and communicate data will change behavior towards the content being communicated.
‘Glanceable…makes you…”

Dashboards as feedback devices for personal behavior, health.
Ex: mirror with led icons that reflect blood pressure by analysis; dashboard with pollen count.
Other ex: intelligent pill box that sends dose reminders to a display device; active timed glow caps on prescription bottles.

Using shared information to enlist social dynamics (info begets behavior).
Look to fiction, pop culture for inspiration about expressive devices.

Goal: Enhance quality of life and make things better. Enable data acquisition without personal computers.

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